A Tour of my Pink Room

Happy Friday all!  My surgery went very well and I’m recovering at home.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be seeing a lot of my pink room for quite some time.  Having a bilateral mastectomy causes a lot of trauma to your arms that you might not expect.  If you bend your arm at your elbow and go from there to your armpit, that area is pretty much sore.  I’m sleeping in a glider as I can’t lie down.  Typing on the laptop even has to be kept to a minimum.  But, each day is a teeny tiny bit better, so hopefully I’ll be back in the swing of things soon!  And my own bed!

Anyway, two weeks ago, I started to feel more like myself, post-chemo.  I took advantage of it and cleaned & organized my craft room.  It was desperately in need for a good cleaning.  While it was clean and before it became messy again, I thought I would give you a tour.  I attempted a video, but about 10 tries later, I gave up.  LOL!  Instead you get a photo tour.  I had started this post prior to my surgery, but hadn’t finished it.  So settle in with your beverage of choice and sit back for a tour!

My room is one of our bedrooms, but as it leads out to our three season room, it makes the perfect crafting room instead.

This is the front of my room.  My walls are Benjamin Moore Razzle Dazzle.  I love this color!  On this wall I have my chandelier (vinyl wall cling from Target) complete with bling, a Pottery Barn speaker shelf , my TV and crafting supplies for my kids.  The IRIS cart there was my first storage when I started scrapbooking.  Amazingly, all of my supplies fit in that cart!

This is my primary work space.  It is a knock off of The Pottery Barn desk that was all the rave a few years ago.  The legs are two Closetmaid 9 cube organizers.  The top is shelving we purchased at Lowes.  It is 36″ wide — my husband nailed it down to the Closetmaid pieces and then trimmed it out to make it look a bit more complete.  The awesome thing with this shelving is there was no need to paint or prime as it was already white.

As I share my space with my kids from time to time, I wanted to add more space to the desk space.  Again, my husband bought a piece of shelving from Lowes.  He cut “legs” by adding hinges to them and a brace in the middle for extra support.  This allows me to display some personal items on the top and have necessary items right within my reach underneath.

This is my side of the desk.  I keep my Martha Stewart scoring board and Scor-Pal mat, a dessert tray I picked up on clearance from Target (which holds ink pads and random items) and a trio of bowls, also from Target, that hold my adhesives, oft used tools and dies waiting to be put away within my reach.  My director’s chair is from Home Decorator’s.  I wanted something more comfortable than a bar stool.

On top of my shelf are two lunch box tins.  They hold my dies — I saw this idea on 2 Peas and it works really well.  One is for Spellbinders dies and the other holds PTI and MFT dies.

To store the dies, I used the dividers that come with the Cropper Hopper paper organizers.  I use the holders for my papers, but not the dividers.  I cut them down and glued two together to create a sturdier base.  Then I added magnetic sheets — cut from magnetic vent covers I purchased from Home Depot.  Each divider is labeled with the die set name.

Behind my chair are my Michaels cubes, Making Memories shelving unit and some IKEA storage options.

Here are two of my drawers — one holds my Copic refills, Stickles and Liquid Pearls. The other holds glitters, embossing powders, Smooch paints and Viva Decor embellishments.  Other drawers hold PTI stamps, DCWV paper stacks, envelopes and other random embellishments.

Below the drawers is my cardstock and 12×12 paper storage.  I really like my paper storage.  I separate my cardstock by color family.  Each color is stored in a Uline plastic bag — I got this idea when I purchased my first Gina K cardstock.  The bags are slightly smaller and stiffer than the bag her paper comes in, but it works nicely.  The color families are stored in the Cropper Hopper paper holder.  I use the paper pouches that come with the holders to store my 12×12 papers, each pouch is labeled with the name of the paper collection.

I store all of my 6×6 paper in these cubes.  I repurpose my PTI stamp boxes and put my 6×6 paper packs in them once I start using them.  This way I can keep my scraps with the rest of the papers.  Underneath are magnetic strips from IKEA with mud pans that hold my scissors and other miscellaneous items.  Above these cubes is a tri-level spice rack and on the front step are canning jars that hold ribbon.

The IKEA spice jars are perfect for button storage.  I have two spice racks to hold the jars.  Where would we be without IKEA for crafting storage? LOL!

My other main storage is two Expedit units from IKEA — one is 16 cubes and the other is 8.  I love that they can be stacked on top of each other. The top unit holds many of the items I don’t need on a daily basis and household office items.  In the bottom unit, I have two of the drawer inserts, which hold my punches.

 I was able to get almost all of my Martha Stewart punches in one drawer.  The other two drawers hold my SU punches.

In the other cubes, I have my spooled ribbon storage in trays from Target.  Many of my clear stamp sets are stored in binder boxes.  There are also many boxes (striped black boxes) of cards that need to be sent or sold!  The plain black boxes have seasonal ribbons and the larger striped boxes hold more alterables, etc.

Finally, I have my FABULOUS Copic storage.  I first started with a smaller version of this basket, purchased at Target.  I outgrew the smaller version and moved up to the medium size.  However, I didn’t have enough markers to fill the basket.  I asked my wonderful husband for help and how he worked it out is just brilliant!  Given that my storage space was larger than the number of markers, I wanted to put dividers in to hold up the markers.

My husband purchased dowels and cut them down to create dividers.  He created 15 “bins” for the markers.  In order to prevent the dowels from falling in, he nailed a stopper onto each side — you can see these on the first picture.  The basket is great — it’s mobile, has room to grow and completely suits my needs.

So that is my room!  I hope you enjoyed the tour!  I’ll leave you with one last picture — a little woodcarving my aunt sent to me.

A little motivation and reminder any time I’m in my room.  I send this out to anyone who is also kickin’ cancer’s ass!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Have a fabulous weekend!


Yeah for PVC Pipe!

Why on earth would I say that? Why would be I be cheering for this ugly stuff on a crafting blog?

Well, because it can be turned into this:

Which becomes this:

Isn’t that fun? Isn’t that cool? Are you all as excited as I am by this? I saw this awesome set-up last year on SCS. Since it involved a standard home improvement material, I had to show it to my husband. We both agreed it was an awesome idea and since my Copic collection was growing, a good solution for my markers. On his next trip to Home Depot, he nicely purchased some white PVC piping for me. Then it sat, in our basement, neglected.

Fast forward to this weekend. I was trying to work in my room, which isn’t nearly as organized as I would like and definitely not as neat. My Copic collection has grown (and will be growing some more in the next few weeks) and I was running out of room in my Making Memories carousel. We were discussing how to set them up — my husband was perplexed with what to use as a bottom or backing. As we were talking, I looked at the lazy susan I had on my desk. This was the bottom of a ribbon storage unit I purchased from Oriental Trading and was no longer using for ribbon, but for other things that I like to keep handy on my desk. A light bulb went on — why not put the piping on the lazy susan? The markers would be right where I need them and wouldn’t be in reach of my kiddos.

Now, if you have ever dealt with PVC, you’ll know they print the UPC bar code right on the outside. Plus a bunch of other writing and it is quite mucked up. Who would care since it is likely going under a sink or in a non-visible location? I was trying to think of what I would do to make them pretty while DH was cutting them. He came in the house, frustrated because cutting them with a hack saw was not giving him straight, clean cuts. (He was also balancing the pipe on our garbage can to saw, while keeping an eye out for our kids, which probably didn’t help.) He filed them down, but was not happy with the results. He was ready to throw in the towel on the project.

When I looked at them,I liked the sloped cut and imperfect heights. I was planning to put paper around them, but this could get tricky with uneven cuts, so I figured I would cover the top edges with ribbon. While I was trying that out, my husband suggested using ribbon to decorate them instead of paper. What an awesome idea! We went to Michaels and I bought ribbon in 5 colors, with a complimentary pattern of the same color.

While watching the Olympics last night, I wrapped the pipe with the ribbon. I put a strip of Scor-tape on the top and bottom of the inside and then put 3 pieces all the way around the outside. This allowed for a nice smooth line and no bubbling/gapping. After I wrapped them, I added a piece of the solid color on the inside, over the edges of the cut pieces at the top and bottom. This made it just a touch neater. They are Super glue’d to the lazy susan.

For a few specifics, the pipe is 3.5″ in diameter. My husband cut them about 4 inches tall. I wanted the cap of a Sketch marker visible. I can get 21 Sketch markers or 25-26 Ciaos in each pipe. Obviously, I’ll need to add more (I have another lazy susan), but I love this!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!