PRT Reveal #2

Reveal Part 2

Hi all!  Grab a cuppa and join me for reveal post #2 of my new Pink Room. Today I’ll be sharing the room in it’s put together state.  As I mentioned in my post yesterday, we purchased cabinets from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  After refinishing them all, they joined my old IKEA Expedit cabinets and ALEX drawer units to create a fantastic space.

PRT Reveal Panorama

Here she is in all of her finished and CLEAN glory! This is a panoramic picture, so it appears a bit odd.

PRT Reveal - From door

Looking in from the door, you see my island and a good shot of the floor.  The flooring is Shaw vinyl flanking in Dublin Pine.  I love the color.  It is a floating floor installation, which was a bit tricky to get, but once we figured it out, we were able to get going.  Of course, there are a few little spots here and there that made it difficult, but we worked them out.

My island was created with my IKEA ALEX drawers.  When we moved from NJ, we got rid of a lot of furniture.  Either our stuff was 13 years old (how many years we were in the house) and falling apart or too big to consider the space in a moving truck and further storing.   We took apart my Expedit cabinets and kept the ALEX drawers.  They were pieces we knew would be used.  My ALEX drawers were my “craft room” in the apartment in our closet.

My husband built bases to raise the drawers up to island height (36″) and attached the ALEX drawers to them.  He then covered the bases with beadboard.  The island is 8 feet in length.  The counter surface is laminate, which we purchased at the ReStore.  They were selling white laminate sheets in 4×8 foot sections for $10.  This saved us so much money.  Because there is a bit of an overhang where you sit, my husband added a board to strengthen the counter.  Because the laminate needed to be cut, we had cut edges to cover.  They sell a tape that you iron on to the edging and it seals it.

PRT Reveal - island lights

The lights above the island were also a DIY feature.  I wanted something sparkly and pretty.  Unfortunately, anything I liked was either too big, too expensive and/or the light bulbs faced up, which wouldn’t provide enough light over the island.  During probably the 10th walkthrough of the local home improvement store, I saw these black pendant cages.  I spent TV time beading a stiff steel wire with pale pink and clear beads. They aren’t as sparkly as I had hoped, but they worked out well.  We used daylight LED lightbulbs to provide the best lighting possible.

PRT Reveal - Door island lights on

Here you can see the lights on.   The brightness of the daylight bulbs does drain the color from the beading a bit, but I think the light is actually more important than the beading. All of the overhead lights are on dimmer switches.  One switch for the pot lights and another for the island pendants.

What you also see here is the wall of cabinets we made.  We took three of the trio cabinets and stacked them.  My husband built a base again for them to sit about 15 inches off the ground.  These were likely above the refrigerator cabinets so they required some sort of lift to be able to open the doors.  You can also see my daughter’s sewing station. {I do NOT sew.  I cannot sew.}

Across from the cabinet wall is my large Expedit.  If you’ve ever contemplated taking apart your Expedit, but worried if it will go back together, I can say it will.

PRT Reveal - Expedit

My Expedit holds all of my cardstock.  The black fabric bins hold mainly sewing related things – fabrics, batting, etc.  The two door cubes have some various glues and my Ott lights and enough empty space to hide Christmas presents. 🙂 The drawers hold plastic sleeves for my cards and various packaging materials, adhesive dimensionals and fun foam cut to card base size, card sets I’ve made and note cards.

PRT Reveal - To TV

Looking from the other end, here you see my wall of cabinets and the work space.  Like I mentioned yesterday, my cabinets were all various sizes.  Some were taller or deeper.  To create the cohesive line of cabinets and a surface that didn’t dip down every three feet, my husband had to shim and build out most of these.  They are definitely not perfect, but it doesn’t affect the usage at all and it definitely isn’t worth the additional $$$ to get new cabinets.

I have my iMac here, as well as my printer hidden away.  I have a Roku TV, which is awesome because it doesn’t require a box to watch TV.  My husband hardwired my iMac for good internet surface.  Being in the basement doesn’t always lend itself to good signals.

My stools were a find at a local thrift shop.

I found four stools for $12 each.  We have a bar in our kitchen and I’ve been looking at stools for a long time, but I was very well aware of how expensive stools are.  I was thrilled to find these.  I purchased shiny black vinyl from Joann when it was on sale at 50% off.  The stools were recovered quite easily.  To finish it off, I wanted to add nailhead trim.  I purchased the nails from Walmart for $2 per package and nailed them in.  I loved being able to add that trim, plus it allowed me to actually finish the stools with a complete look and no sewing.

At the far end, you will see my half Expedit and my Raskog carts.

PRT Reveal - Window

This is the wall we created to close in the room.  Because of the position of this room, there is no natural light that comes in.  My husband had an idea to add a window and put a light behind it, providing some faux daylight.  The window is covered in some privacy film, but when we added the light, the light was blinding.  I discovered that I like the look of the privacy film with just the bit of regular light coming from the other room of the basement.  The film gives off a really nice prism effect and it’s pretty.

I have my half Expedit here, which houses my scrapbooks, extra binders of various things, my card stash and works in progress (in those gorgeous black & white floral bins from Target from a number of years ago).   The cabinets and drawers hold my stash of adhesives, fillable ornaments, and some additional card kits.

On top are some of my favorite things.  I found those fantastic lamps at Hobby Lobby.  They are wonderfully sparkly, blingy, glitzy and jiggly.  My knick-knacks are all favorite things:

  • a little, blown glass fish bowl that we purchased on our honeymoon in Venice
  • the box from a set of NYC cards I purchased, which were photographed by a photographer with the last name of Coburn, my maiden name.  The cover says “Coburn’s New York”
  • the Eiffel Tower — a tealight burner from my husband
  • a mixed media canvas I made at the MFT Retreat
  • “Before I was a Mom” – a lovely shadowbox I made at the MFT Retreat
  • flowers from my son
  • a pair of castles from my dad

On the wall are two fabric hearts my kiddos made for me for Valentine’s Day in 2012.  I was recovering from my mastectomy and my mom helped them sew flowers and butterflies cut from old curtains onto the hearts.

PRT Reveal - Dry Erase Raskog

In this corner, I have my Raskog carts from IKEA.  They used to be aqua.  I spray painted them and they turned out great.  Funny story — I posted a side by side of the aqua cart next to the pink cart on my Instagram feed.  This is my most liked photo EVER. It has 232 likes.  Apparently, IKEA and Raskog are hashtag GOLD on IG.  On the second cart, you can see some hooks on the top bin.  Those are heavy duty magnet hooks I purchased from Harbor Freight.  They were dirt cheap and are mighty.  We have a number of them on the side of our fridge for holding keys.

Above the Raskog is the one big fail of the room.  I wanted to do a dry erase wall.  As you can see, it took and I was able to write on the wall.  To make sure I stayed within the confines of the dry erase paint (I used Rustoleum and it comes in a pint.  It covered that amount — it doesn’t go nearly as far as they claim.), we framed it out with some decorative white trim.  Mommy’s Pink Room is what my kiddos used to call my room and that was how Pink Room Therapy was born.  Anyway, the marker does not erase.  It does to a faint degree, but I can still read everything I’ve written on the wall.  I googled ways to erase it and tried 90% rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, toothpaste — all of which failed.  I also tried to write on the wall and immediately erase to see if it was a time element — that didn’t erase either.  I was also using Expo markers.  So that is now a project to fix and I’ll share my fix when we complete it.

Touches of bling — I like bling. I like things that sparkle — not necessarily expensive things — pretty things.  I especially like achieving that pretty sparkle at a lower price point.

I needed 17 drawer/door pulls in various sizes.   I couldn’t find anything blingy in the store and when I looked online, they were mostly European sized, meaning they wouldn’t fit the pre-drilled holes in my cabinets.  As I was doing this AFTER painting all of the cabinets, I certainly was not gluing and repainting old holes.  I found plain pulls for a somewhat reasonable price on Amazon.  I purchased the 12 inch adhesive rhinestone strips from Darice (available at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joann, etc) and cut the requisite strips of bling to adhere to the pulls.  This worked out so well and makes me happy!

I sprayed my outlet faceplates and light switch covers with a glitter spray paint.  It wasn’t as blingy as I would have liked, so I used additional rhinestones from the Darice strips and outlined each cover.  These did require a bit of hot glue to make sure the strips stayed on the covers.

On the wall of cabinets, the side was ugly particle board that wasn’t painting nicely.  I purchased some glittered shelf liner — it’s glittered, but not glittered that it comes off — and just put it on the side.  I can stick things to it — there isn’t the gravelliness of glitter.

Finally, I swapped out the plain old silver pulls that are on the drawers and doors of the Expedit.  I purchased some pretty glass drawer pulls for them and it makes a big difference.

PHEW!  That was a lot of pictures!  Tomorrow I’ll share what I store where and some of the organizational things that work for me.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Hope you are enjoying the pics and hope to see you again tomorrow!



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