So Long 2017… PRT Reveal Part 1

PRT Reveal Card

Hi all!  2017 was an interesting year on so many different fronts.  We lived through yet another crazy real estate transaction — I hate real estate transactions — my husband and I are magnets for drama and people who want to be jerks.  However, the result was moving into a house that has been wonderful so far.   The house, a ranch, was added on to by former owners, resulting in LOADS of space in the basement and a stunning living room and master suite.  Because of that addition, the original “family room” of the basement became my pink room.   Since we had a lot of moving and unpacking, my actual crafting time and MOJO took a hit.  I don’t have a normal New Year’s tops post of my projects because there weren’t that many this year.  So I thought I’d share photos of my Pink Room.

PRT Reveal - old base

The lovely green shaded area is the old “family room.” The upper part was popcorn-like texture.  We removed the trim piece and drywalled right over the top of it all.  We also created a doorway (between the support beam and the stairs) and closed it off at the other end.  The great thing about that concrete floor was that I was able to draw directly on the floor and map out the room.

In order to do this project without breaking the bank, we purchased cabinets from Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  (If you aren’t familiar with Habitat, you can read a bit about them HERE.) All of the cabinets were different finishes, different widths and heights.

To just show a difference between them, here are a few of the cabinets.  The dark drawers were covered with a very odd finish.  The trio cabinets were so heavily varnished.  I spent many hours sanding them.  However, it was really worth all of the work.

PRT Reveal 1st coat

I wanted white cabinets — a big gamble given the differing finishes.  I used Sherwin-Williams Pro-Classic in Extra White.  It had everything all in one.  There was no need to top coat, for which I was so grateful.

My wall color is the original Pink Room color.  I was looking through paint swatches from multiple places and just not seeing the color I wanted.  One day, while in the library, I was flipping through the color issue of HGTV’s magazine.  There on the one of the pages was a swatch of Benjamin Moore’s Razzle Dazzle, which was my original color.  That settled it!  The biggest drama with the room came from this paint color!

If you’ve ever purchased paint, you have likely been told that the paint person will not mix a color from company ABC into paint of company XYZ.  I know I have.  Well, when I went to get my Razzle Dazzle, I was attempting to use a coupon at an authorized dealer of Benjamin Moore paint.  After waiting 15 minutes for the person to come to the counter to help me (red flag #1), I asked for a gallon of paint & primer of the Razzle Dazzle.  I guess you’d call it a retro color because they didn’t have the paint swatch, so I had pulled up the color on the BM site to give the code to the employee.   He looks at the color  and then informs me that he can’t mix it on the BM machine because they are waiting for some piece.  He then tells me he can mix it on their machine with their paint. (red flag #2 and a fog horn that should have been going off  in my head!).  All in all, it took me 45 minutes to get one gallon of paint (seriously!).

When I started painting, which I know with fresh drywall is a whole other thing, it was awful.  We had primed the drywall with two coats (and half of that was on me!).   The non-Benjamin Moore paint was not covering for anything.  The air was blue because I was cursing!  I ended up going to another dealer and getting the Benjamin Moore paint and repainting.  Moral of that story – trust your gut and get the paint you want!

PRT Reveal - Door & cabinets

Like I mentioned, we created a doorway when we closed off the room.  When I was growing up, our house had Dutch doors on two of the bedrooms.  I loved it.  On one of our trips to the ReStore, I found a solid wood Dutch door.  It has to be one of the heaviest things I’ve ever lifted.  There was some damage to the bottom, but nothing sanding couldn’t help.  I painted it Glossy Black with Rustoleum Black Satin door paint.  This is another thing I would potentially change — there was a fair amount of tackiness and stickiness on the door after painting.  Because it was oil based, I’m sure this played a part in it.  The top half of the door has still not been hung because we need to do a bit of trimming.

I’m going to leave it here for today and will have more for you over the next few days.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!



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