HYCCT1408 You’re Amazing!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Hope you have fun with the kiddos or whatever plans you may have!  I know mine is going to be a busy day, so I’m auto-posting this for the morning!

I don’t have anything actually Halloween themed to share today (I do have something to share, but have not photographed it.), but my card does feature someone in costume!  HYCCT1408 was to create a card for your hero, whomever that may be.

My thoughts on this challenge were to honor the nurses who deliver the chemotherapy on a daily basis.  Speaking from my own experience, I was not (and still am not) an easy stick.  I refused a port and my veins are deep, stubborn and take a LONG time to come out.  Most treatment days required me to be load up on water in the days prior, squeeze a stress ball frequently and sit with warm towels on my arms prior to attempting to find a vein.  Even after all of that, it often required a ringer to get the IV in and I went home looking like I’d been in a fight.  So this goes out to all of the nurses!

The card is pretty self-explanatory — I used the MFT Skyline Border to create the city.  Birdie Brown is conquering the city — I wanted her to look like she was standing on top.

Challenge Submissions

You’re Amazing: MFT Skyline Border, Birdie Brown You’re Super stamps & dies, Electric Red ink, Steel Grey; Brilliant Blue, Barely Banana, Copics

Thanks so much for stopping by today!


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