MFTWSC165 Simply Fabulous

Hi all!  Happy Monday!  We were supposed to get walloped by snow again today, but thankfully, it didn’t happen.  I had an extremely busy weekend with the PTA Art Show so I’m looking forward to a bit less of a crazy week.

I sat down to do my MFTWSC card this morning and my mojo was a tad slow to come back. I’m not entirely thrilled with this, but I’m going with it!

My husband had purchased the Damask stencil for Christmas, but I didn’t have the stamps to go along with it until recently.  I first attempted the stencil with black and didn’t like that.  Then I tried embossing with it and couldn’t see it.  I ended up with Razzle Berry over Pink Lemonade.  Things that make you go hmmmm……  maybe it will grow on me, when I’m less tired.  LOL!

Challenge Submissions

Thanks so much for stopping by today!


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