A Box for Every Gift

Good Morning!  Sorry for the long absence.  In addition to the craziness of summer, I’ve been dealing with some medical issues that have taken up a lot of my time.  Unfortunately, they are going to continue to take away from my crafting time, but it needs to be done.  I’ll still be around, just not as frequently as I was earlier this year.  Probably about as sporadic as the summer has been. 

Onto today’s project, it’s tutorial day over at Catch the Bug and I have a great set of simple gift boxes for you. 

When I purchased my Martha Stewart scoring board, these box sizes were listed on there.  They have come in handy so frequently.  For each box (I’ll list the sizes & scoring measurements below), I scored each piece of paper and then cut each flap, as pictured below.

After folding in each flap, I put Scor-Tape on the outside of each of those flaps.  Fold them in simply and you create a square.

Here you can see the bottom and lid of a box.  Very simple — I used patterned paper for my boxes, which wouldn’t hold a heavy object.  However, I have made these with cardstock and was able to put a LOT of gummi candy in it without issue. 

I added a cute little tag featuring the Bugaboo Brat girl balloon sitter on a stack of presents, which I blinged out with lots of rhinestones.

Box Size         Paper Size (cut 2)        Score for Base          Score for lid
2x2x2                   6×6                              2,4                          2, 4 1/8
3x3x2                   7×7                              2,5                          2,5 1/8
4x4x2                   8×8                              2,6                          2,6 1/8
4x4x4                   12×12                          4,8                          4,8 1/8
5x5x3.5                12×12                          3 1/2, 8 1/2              3 1/2, 8 5/8
6x6x3                   12×12                          3,9                          3, 9 1/8
7x7x2.5                12×12                         2 1/2, 9 1/2               2 1/2, 9 5/8
8x8x2                   12×12                         2,10                         2, 10 1/8
                                      **all sizes listed in inches**

For the lid, according to the board directions, you are to move the left side of the paper over slightly (about 1/16th of an inch).  I have to admit, I’ve forgotten to do this many times and the lid still fits just fine.  I’ve also cut the edge of the lid slightly to create a shorter lid.

Challenge Submissions
Anything Goes Challenge Blog — #47 Happy Birthday/Celebration

A Box for Every Gift
Stamps: Bugaboo Stamps Bugaboo Brat Girl Balloon Sitter, presents
Paper: K& Co designer paper
Other Stuff: rhinetones, Nesties, ribbon

Thanks so much for stopping by today!


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