Sneaky Peak!

Good Morning! Have you all seen the banner floating around the Bugaboo Stamps DT?

Today we have a sneaky peak for you — there are exciting things coming to Bugaboo!

Today I have just a few of the famous people with Type 1 diabetes.
*Mary Tyler Moore (dx at 33)                        *Nick Jonas (The Jonas Brothers)
*Elliott Yamin (American Idol)                        *Crystal Bowersox (American Idol)
*BJ Crombeen (NHL player)                         *Gary Hall, Jr. (US Olympic Swimmer)
*Jay Cutler (NFL quarterback)                      *Adam Morrison (NBA player)
*Bret Michaels (singer & reality star)      *Victor Garber (actor)
*Kenwin Cummings (NFL player)                  *Kris Freeman (US Olympic skier)
*Sonia Sotomayor (Supreme Court judge)     *Anne Rice (author)
*Elizabeth Perkins (actress, dx @44)             *Jean Smart (actress)

Halle Berry, the actress, who was diagnosed with Type 1 in 1989, claims to have weaned herself off insulin.  There is NO FEASIBLE way for this to happen currently.  The only way to be off insulin as a Type 1 diabetic is to be DEAD.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!There will be another sneaky peak tomorrow.  Don’t forget to check out Blog Candy for a Cause.


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