Fall is in the Air

Good Morning! After my lengthy post yesterday, I want to keep things a bit shorter today! My diabetes education today involves the dangerous low blood sugar.  Both high (hyperglycemia) and low (hypoglycemia) blood sugars can be problematic, but lows are far more dangerous. Low blood sugars can come on quickly and without warning. Many people with diabetes do not feel their lows. An untreated and/or missed low can lead to coma and/or death. Although high blood sugars can be dangerous, they would need to be sustained for quite some time.
A person suffering a hypoglycemic episode may have one or more of these symptoms:
*dizziness                                       *blurry vision
*shakiness                                      *nausea
*sluggishness                                  *sweating
*hunger                                         *lightheadedness
*irritability                                      *drowsiness
*sudden behavior change                  *poor coordination
For Ainsley, she doesn’t feel her symptoms until usually quite low. Our most tell tale sign is if she asks for something to drink or eat and will insist on it until she gets it. In order to treat her lows, we give her a small juice box, which is 15g of simple carbs. The key is to use simple carbs to treat the low — complex carbs (for example, Goldfish crackers) take too long to hit the blood stream and raise the blood sugar. If she were to ever become unconscious, where we are unable to get her to eat or drink anything, we would need to give her an emergency injection of Glucagon, which is a hormone that triggers the liver to release glucose to raise the blood sugar. After giving the injection, we would need to take her to the hospital for monitoring.
On to my card for today. We are kicking off a new challenge for Kaboodle Doodles this week. We are going with a simple & fun Fall is in the Air color combo.
Our sponsor this week is Digital Delights and a $10 certificate to the store is up for grabs.
I used the adorable cat & pumpkin image, along with Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin Pie and papers from Debbie Mumm Harvest & Holidays.  The Pumpkin Pie is embossed with the Houndstooth embossing folder.  A night big bow of chocolate chip grosgrain and a few buttons finished it off.

Sorry no recipe today — I managed to combine some magic keystroke and deleted my entire first attempt at a post.  Gotta love computers! 

Thanks for stopping by today!  If you’d like to read more about Blog Candy for a Cause, please go HERE for details, HERE for packages and HERE to donate.


2 thoughts on “Fall is in the Air

  1. I love your classy card Cammy!
    It's great the way your raising $ and awareness about Diabetes. I'm gonna do a post about your cause tonight( after the kiddies are in bed ) Good luck!


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