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Good Morning! As you may know, if you read my blog regularly, my daughter, Ainsley, has Type 1 diabetes. She was diagnosed at 18 months old and just turned 5. She wears an insulin pump 24/7/365 (with the exception of swimming and baths). She has her blood sugar tested between 8-10 times a day. She does not follow a special diet; she is not restricted from eating any foods — she enjoys treats of cookies or ice cream. She receives insulin for all carbohydrates she eats — carbs are in fruits, some vegetables, bread, peanut butter, etc. We attempt to keep her blood sugar as close to her target as possible. However, diabetes is a very disobedient disease. All things affect it — stress, excitement, activity, inactivity, fear, sleep, nervousness, hormones, growth, sickness, etc. Some days it seems like the moon affects it. LOL! Diabetes never takes a day off — it requires constant attention.  My husband calls it our third child — he says it is the child who does NOT play well with others and never cooperates.
Type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease. The pancreas’ main job is to produce insulin, which breaks down glucose into energy. Glucose comes from the food and drink you consume. A person with Type 1 diabetes has a pancreas that does not produce insulin. Because it is an auto-immune disease, the body attacks the insulin producing cells in the pancreas, requiring the person to receive synthetic insulin. Without insulin, a person would die. It is not a cure to Type 1 diabetes – it is life support.
Type 1 diabetes is often called Juvenile Diabetes, as it is most commonly diagnosed in children. Approximately 15,000 children are diagnosed with Type 1 each year — 40 per day — in America.  You cannot outgrow Type 1 diabetes.  This is a lifelong, chronic disease.  Type 1 diabetes is not preventable.
Since Ainsley’s diagnosis, we have walked as a family for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The JDRF is one of the leaders in research, clinical trials, education and advocacy for Type 1 diabetes. Our family team is Ainsley’s Angels.
Today I’m kicking off Blog Candy for a Cause. The cause, of course, is diabetes research, specifically the research conducted by the JDRF. Over the past month, I approached many favorite stamping companies of mine and yours to donate to this blog candy. I have to say, I was quite overwhelmed by the positive response. In addition to the positive response from the companies, I also have the absolute pleasure of being on a design team with some of the most generous ladies in the crafting community.
As this is a fundraiser, this is not the usual “leave a comment/become a follower/post on your blog” entry. Of course, I would love it if you wanted to become a follower and leave comments.  🙂 However, in order to be entered to win a blog candy package, you need to donate to our family team. For each dollar you donate, you will receive one entry. For example, $10=10 entries.
ETA:  The Blog Candy for a Cause prize packages can be found in this post.  
I will be listing all of the blog candies available in the coming days (I am still awaiting some packages), but to give you an idea of who all has contributed, take a look below:
a2z Scrapbooking Supplies

Bugaboo Stamps
Creative Cuts & More

Die Cuts with a View

Die Cuts R Us

Dustin Pike
My Favorite Things
Paper Pretties
Paper Makeup Stamps

Pink Cat Studio

Susana’s Custom Art & Card Design

Taylored Expressions
There She Goes
Totally Stampalicious!

Waltzing Mouse Stamps
Whiff of Joy
Whimsy Stamps

That’s pretty impressive, right? I can honestly say, I almost fell off my chair when I received an email back from Tim Holtz himself.
You will find a Blog Candy for a Cause FAQ page located above.  Please read it over carefully.  The most important thing to remember when donating is to leave an email address for me to contact you.  If you do not do that, I cannot contact you with your entry numbers.
Thank you so much for your consideration and support of this worthy cause. To donate, please go to our family walk page located HERE.    Also, please help spread the word by adding the Blog Candy for a Cause badge to your blog. 

My dream is to one day say that my daughter USED to have diabetes.   With your help, maybe that dream can become a reality.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!



7 thoughts on “Blog Candy for a Cause

  1. Cammy, this is simply fabulous! I will be posting this to my blog too, I hope that this helps more people with Diabetes! What a great project to undertake….good luck! And of course I will be entering 🙂


  2. What a truly amazing response! That's so fantastic for you! I am putting this up on my blog for you right now, and popping across to make a donation.
    Wishing you the very best of luck with this!


  3. WOW!! What a truly wonderful response you have had.. I just donated.. I will post it on my free digital stamps blog.. Hopefully you can get more donations through that too.. HUGS


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