Bugaboo Tutorial — Digi Stamping on Candles

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Hi all! Welcome to this week’s Bugaboo Stamps tutorial! I’m sure many of you have stamped on a candle, but today I have how to get your favorite digi stamps on a candle. Now, this will be a long and picture heavy post, so I recommend you grab a cup of coffee & a yummy snack before beginning.

First, your supplies — candle, image, coloring medium, tissue paper, wax paper, scissors, tape, glue, heating tool.

I printed my image on regular computer printer paper. You want to cut your piece of tissue paper bigger than your image.

Carefully tape your tissue paper over your image. Watch your corners — you don’t want anything to get jammed in the printer.

Put your paper back in your printer. Cross your fingers & toes. Hope it comes out okay and print again.

Your print out should look like this when done printing a second time.

I used my scissors to cut the tissue paper away from the paper — it was easier than carefully & painstakingly lifting up the tape.

Color in your image on the tissue paper. I used all Sharpies, except for the skin tone, which is a Copic. You will get some bleeding with your colors, so be extra careful. You might also want to keep this in mind when you pick your image.

After you finish coloring in your image, carefully cut it out, trimming it closely.

Use your glue stick to adhere your image to the candle. You can even use the glue that fades from purple to clear. You won’t see it on the candle. This will keep your image from moving.

Cut a piece of wax paper that will go around the candle entirely and be about the height of the candle. I cut mine longer so that I had a “handle” to hold.

Allow your heating tool to warm up for about 30 seconds. Then carefully heat the wax paper and image. Make sure you do not stay in one place for more than a few seconds. Your candle will melt if you stay in one place for too long. Also, having that additional amount of wax paper really comes in handy as you keep from burning your fingers!

After heating your entire image, very carefully peel back your wax paper. Your image will be on the candle now and you won’t see the tissue paper.

While the candle is still slightly warm, you can embellish it with brads by simply pushing them into the candle.

Voila! A perfectly dressed candle. If you are going to have “one more friggin’ candle”, this is definitely the one to have!

Stella’s Candle
Stamps: Bugaboo Stamps – Stella Birthday fireman call, one more candle
Paper: computer paper, tissue paper
Copics: E00
Other Stuff: Sharpies, wax paper, rhinestones, tape, glue, heat tool

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16 thoughts on “Bugaboo Tutorial — Digi Stamping on Candles

  1. This is super cool!! It looks almost like you painted on the candle directly! It looks really tough though…I'll hv to gather up some courage and plenty of positive thinking before I give this a try… hehe… 🙂


  2. Get out Cammy!!! Your project is fantastic, but you are cracking me up with your “if you're going to have one more friggin' candle” comment!!! Who knew that someone so sweet, could be so sassy. . .I LOVE IT!!! 😉 MWAH!


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