Yeah for PVC Pipe!

Why on earth would I say that? Why would be I be cheering for this ugly stuff on a crafting blog?

Well, because it can be turned into this:

Which becomes this:

Isn’t that fun? Isn’t that cool? Are you all as excited as I am by this? I saw this awesome set-up last year on SCS. Since it involved a standard home improvement material, I had to show it to my husband. We both agreed it was an awesome idea and since my Copic collection was growing, a good solution for my markers. On his next trip to Home Depot, he nicely purchased some white PVC piping for me. Then it sat, in our basement, neglected.

Fast forward to this weekend. I was trying to work in my room, which isn’t nearly as organized as I would like and definitely not as neat. My Copic collection has grown (and will be growing some more in the next few weeks) and I was running out of room in my Making Memories carousel. We were discussing how to set them up — my husband was perplexed with what to use as a bottom or backing. As we were talking, I looked at the lazy susan I had on my desk. This was the bottom of a ribbon storage unit I purchased from Oriental Trading and was no longer using for ribbon, but for other things that I like to keep handy on my desk. A light bulb went on — why not put the piping on the lazy susan? The markers would be right where I need them and wouldn’t be in reach of my kiddos.

Now, if you have ever dealt with PVC, you’ll know they print the UPC bar code right on the outside. Plus a bunch of other writing and it is quite mucked up. Who would care since it is likely going under a sink or in a non-visible location? I was trying to think of what I would do to make them pretty while DH was cutting them. He came in the house, frustrated because cutting them with a hack saw was not giving him straight, clean cuts. (He was also balancing the pipe on our garbage can to saw, while keeping an eye out for our kids, which probably didn’t help.) He filed them down, but was not happy with the results. He was ready to throw in the towel on the project.

When I looked at them,I liked the sloped cut and imperfect heights. I was planning to put paper around them, but this could get tricky with uneven cuts, so I figured I would cover the top edges with ribbon. While I was trying that out, my husband suggested using ribbon to decorate them instead of paper. What an awesome idea! We went to Michaels and I bought ribbon in 5 colors, with a complimentary pattern of the same color.

While watching the Olympics last night, I wrapped the pipe with the ribbon. I put a strip of Scor-tape on the top and bottom of the inside and then put 3 pieces all the way around the outside. This allowed for a nice smooth line and no bubbling/gapping. After I wrapped them, I added a piece of the solid color on the inside, over the edges of the cut pieces at the top and bottom. This made it just a touch neater. They are Super glue’d to the lazy susan.

For a few specifics, the pipe is 3.5″ in diameter. My husband cut them about 4 inches tall. I wanted the cap of a Sketch marker visible. I can get 21 Sketch markers or 25-26 Ciaos in each pipe. Obviously, I’ll need to add more (I have another lazy susan), but I love this!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!



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