Gingerbread Houses

Oh, so much to do, so little time!

I wanted to share a really quick, non-paper related craft with you today. I can’t take credit for thinking of this, but it was so darned cute, I had to pass it along.

My daughter is in pre-k. Each month, her teacher puts together an outline of what they are working on and what various supplies they will need. This month we needed a half gallon cardboard juice or milk container, which was empty and washed out with bleach. When we were cleaning ours out, my husband kept asking questions — do we need the cap? can we open the top? what is it being used for? I had no idea.

Last week we had gingerbread house decorating. I was wondering how they were getting all of the gingerbread baked. When I arrived at school, I saw what our half gallon was needed for. The carton had been cut in about half, removing the bottom. Each child had a paper plate with their name written on it and the half of their carton.

Also on the table were cups of icing, graham crackers and various candies. We covered the carton in icing and then graham crackers & then candy.

Here is my daughter mid-decorating.

And a few of the completed project.

This was such a cute project and was perfect for the age group. The kids had such a great time creating their own personal gingerbread houses.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!



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