Limelight Birthday Celebration

Limelight Papercraft turned one on Monday and in honor of their first birthday, they have all sorts of fun blog candy/games going on. Jennifer from Glitter in my Hair had a photo scavenger hunt. This was a lot of fun.

These are our two cats Sophia & Nadia, taken in 2001. This was their first trip down our stairs and they didn’t make it without a nap. Pictures of them sleeping were the only time we could get them without being a blur. Oh, what I would have done for a digital camera then.

For yummy, I chose my favorite engagement picture of my now husband and I. We had our pictures taken in Central Park and this was on the gorgeous Bow Bridge. I cannot believe the photographer managed to capture a picture of just us on a bridge in Central Park. Doing the shoot in the park was so awesome and we felt like it was just us, which is an amazing feeling in New York City!

Four was easy. I am a huge Green Bay Packer fan — born & raised in Wisconsin, it runs through my veins. This was before the NFC Championship game in 2008. Unfortunately, the Packers lost, but the kids couldn’t have looked any cuter!

Thanks for the opportunity to win some fun blog candy — love my Shimmerz paint and the Shimmerz Spritz has my curiosity peeked.

Thanks for stopping by today!



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